2020 Ferrari 812 GTS

2020 Ferrari 812 GTS

The aim in developing the 812 GTS was to retain the exhilarating feeling of speed and power delivered by the berlinetta version in terms of accelerating, response times and agility. Exactly 50 years on from the debut of the last spider in the Ferrari range to sport a front-mounted V12, the 812 GTS hails a triumphant return for a model type that has played a pivotal role in the marque’s history since its foundation.


The retractable hard top (RHT), which opens in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to 28 mph, does not impinge upon the interior dimensions, thus maintaining the donor car’s roomy cockpit. The electric rear screen, which acts as a wind-stop, makes the car truly useable with the top down while, with the top up, it can be left open to allow occupants to continue to luxuriate in the naturally-aspirated V12’s unique soundtrack.


The 812 GTS is the spider version of the 812 Superfast, from which it takes both its specifications and performance, most notably the power unit which, thanks to its ability to unleash a massive 800 cv at 8500 rpm, is the most powerful engine in its class. As on the 812 Superfast, these performance levels were achieved in part by optimizing the engine design and in part by innovations, such as the use of a 350 bar direct injection system, and the control system for the variable geometry inlet tracts, developed on naturally-aspirated F1 engines. These systems allowed the increase in displacement from 6.2 to 6.5 liters to be exploited to maximize power output whilst retaining excellent pick-up even at low revs.


Meticulously detailed work went into guaranteeing an excellent standard of comfort on-board with the top down. There was huge focus on minimizing both turbulence inside the cabin and aerodynamic noise to ensure occupants could converse undisturbed even at high speeds. As with the LaFerrari Aperta, two small L-shaped flaps on the upper corners of the windscreen generate a coherent concentrated vortex that creates out-wash in the velocity field immediately above the rear screen, thereby avoiding excess pressure behind the occupants’ heads.




Type V12 – 65°
Bore/Stroke 94×78 mm
Specific Power Output 123 cv/l
Overall Displacement 6496 cc
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Maximum Power 789 hp
Maximum torque 530 lbs/ft
Maximum revs 8900 rpm

Dimensions and Weight

Length 184.76 in
Width 77.59 in
Dry Weight 3527 lbs
Wheelbase 107 in
Weight Distribution 47% fr, 53% r
Maximum Power: 789 Hp
Maximum Speed: 211 mph
0-62 mph: 3.0 sec
Maximum Torque: 530 lb⋅ft
Type: V12 – 65 rpm 8900
Body Coupe
Fuel type Gas
Transmission Automatic