When it comes to leasing or buying an ultra-luxury, high-end car, there is no doubt that the best deals you can get are with those cars that hold their value over time. With this, here are some truths about the residual car value that consistently applies to high-end car leasing or buying.


One of the most determining factors when it comes to car resale values is the brand or the public perception of the name of the company (car maker) and the model of the vehicle, and not the reliability ratings in some quality surveys.


Let us take a look at Jaguar; for example, it is consistently rated as a quality car. Still, because of questionable reliability perception among the public, it takes a sharp dip in value at the end of its lease term.


Higher-tech options and other cutting-edge features do not necessarily mean the car will fare better. By the time your vehicle is two years old, better and cheaper systems will render the laser-guided cruise control, navigation systems, and built-in cell phone obsolete. Look for functional features, such as automatic transmissions, power windows, and wheel-drive to enhance the vehicle’s value in the used-car market.


Used-car buyers view less favourably luxury vehicles that come with significant incentives. These are perceived as questionable in quality and reliability.